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Seamlessly integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr & Dropbox.


Shape the memories you share into your story.


Choose the digital moments you want to keep.


Easy to organize, easy to share, easy to keep.

KeepMii Turns Moments

Into Shared Memories

We have a lot of our lives online. Facebook updates. Twitter feeds. Instagram pics. Flickr albums. Many of our life moments have been uploaded & shared, but how to keep them organized? With KeepMii of course!

We’ve created a way for you to quickly organize & curate your precious memories into beautiful stories.

About Us

Our Story...

Our story is quite simple, really. I sat down to create our annual family photo book; something I had been doing every year since our daughter was born.

This time however, while I had taken advantage of the speed and convenience of online sharing... I was left with our family moments scattered across multiple platforms, without a quick way to harness them all and sort them out. Attempting to sort through one removable hard drive, a few 35mm camera memory cards, one Blackberry, two iPhones, one Instagram feed, my Blog, our family Facebook feeds and my Twitter feed, it was becoming impossible.
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On the hunch that other parents were probably feeling the same way, I founded KeepMii. A safe, secure, easy to use, delightful, lightweight platform I could come back to on my own time, where I could curate our family story. Our founding team is comprised of people just like you, who have one mission: to shift the way we think about moments, where and how we share them and make it okay to live the fabric of our lives wherever we want, when we want.

Join our movement!

- Ashley Ramsay, Founder, KeepMii

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The KeepMii team is currently on the lookout for a superstar IOS developer in Kelowna, B.C.

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